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Contact lenses are available to suit most people

Are you interested in contact lenses but think they might be too much trouble? Do you play sport and find that your spectacles fog up or fall off? Are you happy with your glasses most of the time, but find they sometimes get in the way when you go out with friends, to a restaurant, or when you are playing with the kids? Don’t worry – you’re not alone!

But there is a solution – contact lenses are available to suit most people and are simpler to use and more comfortable than ever. And don’t worry if you haven’t tried them before. Our optometrist can organise an appointment to teach you how to get them in and out and let you try a pair for a few days before you make a decision (consultation fees apply).

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Clearing up the myths

Myth One: My eyes are not suitable for contact lenses

Almost anyone who wears spectacles can wear contact lenses and new technology means contact lenses are clearer, more comfortable and more convenient than ever. Contact lenses can correct most sight problems including short sightedness (blurred distance vision), long sightedness (blurry or strained sight), astigmatism (distorted vision) and presbyopia (blurred near sight that occurs as we age).

Myth Two: Contact lenses are hard to get in and out of the eye

Relax. It might sound difficult at first, but our optometrist has years of experience and will teach you how to use and look after your lenses.

Myth Three: Contact lenses can cause eye problems

Eye problems related to contact lens wear are rare and usually occur due to improper wearing of your lenses or incorrect cleaning. By following the advice of your optometrist you will find that contact lenses are a safe and effective alternative to full-time spectacle wear.

I like the idea of contact lenses, so now what?

Make an appointment for a professional contact lens fitting so that we can discuss your visual and lifestyle needs and determine the most appropriate type of contact lenses for you.

Some of the options available include:

  • Daily disposable contact lenses are simply thrown out at the end of a day’s use and replaced in the morning with a ‘fresh’ new pair.
  • Sleep-in, extended wear contact lenses provide total convenience and clear sight all day, every day.
  • Multifocal contact lenses let people in their 40’s and over see clearly at all distances without having to wear glasses.

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