Did you know that 80% of the UV exposure we get throughout our entire life occurs by the age of 18?

Just like our skin, our eyes can suffer from “sunburn” particularly in a sunny place like Queensland. UV exposure can lead to cataracts (which cause blurred vision), macular degeneration (a leading cause of blindness) and pterygium (a fleshy growth on the cornea) so protecting your eyes with sunglasses is a necessity not just a fashion statement. Sunglasses also help reduce annoying glare allowing you to see more clearly when driving, playing sports or spending time outside with the kids.

“protecting your eyes with sunglasses is a necessity

not just a fashion statement”

With this is mind, Focus Optometrists has all the best brands of sunglasses so that you can find the perfect pair for summer. All our sunglasses meet Australian UV protection Standards and can be fitted with prescription lenses if needed. They come with a two year warranty, a lifetime of free adjustments, a complimentary case, polishing cloth and a spectacle cleaning spray. Some of our more popular brands include:

Maui Jim  

Maui Jim are best known for their sunglasses which combine comfort, durability and optimal visual performance. They are polarised so they provide superior glare protection when compared to traditional tinted lenses and can also custom-make prescription lenses so that you can have the frames you want with the lenses you need.


Rudy Project   Rudy Project are worn by 80% of Tour de France cyclists and can now be fitted with your prescription lenses in both Transitions and polarised options. They are engineered using top quality materials to make them exceptionally light and comfortable while the “wrap around” design means they provide full UV protection and keep out the dust and wind. They are also great for other sports such as running, triathlon, tennis, sailing, skiing and rowing.
Tag Heuer   Tag Heuer are made in France from titanium metal, top quality acetates and Pirelli rubber so they are strong, light and durable.
Beausoleil   Beausoleil are designed and made in France to produce classic, comfortable ladies sunglasses.
Oroton   Oroton sunglasses are some of the most comfortable in the world and there is something to suit almost every face and prescription.
Rodenstock   Rodenstock is a German manufacturer who has been making quality sunglasses for 125 years. They provide extensive glare and UV protection and use only the finest materials and coatings to ensure that you don’t have to compromise on quality or vision.

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